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DVDFab Introduces the Utility Tool to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Tracks

Aug. 17, 2018, DVDFab today officially introduces a new product to its DVDFab portfolio, YouTube to MP3, a utility tool that downloads and converts YouTube videos to 320kbps MP3 audio files. Read on for the detailed information.


Introducing the DVDFab YouTube to MP3


There are many great music videos, concerts, and albums on YouTube. However, enjoying songs on the YouTube app on a smartphone isn't always a pleasant experience, due to one particularly egregious flaw — playback will stop if the free YouTube App is not at front and center of the screen. The paid version of the App does allow background playback, though it's still not possible to transfer the downloaded files to other playback devices. Therefore, music fans need a 3rd party utility tool that allows them to download videos from YouTube and then convert them to MP3 tracks if they want to enjoy their favorite YouTube music on the devices that don’t feature a video playback screen or are not optimized for running Apps.


With the newly released YouTube MP3 converter software, DVDFab has that demand answered. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 allows music fans to convert YouTube videos to 320kbps high-quality MP3 audio tracks saved on computer HDDs. The entire process is plain and simple, users just need to copy the URL of the wanted YouTube video, paste it into the software and then hit the download button. Usually, the download and conversion process shall take only a few minutes. When it is finished, users can transfer the converted MP3 audio files to their devices, be it a smartphone, classic iPod music player, or even a smartwatch. This is to say, without the YouTube app to stream online, music fans still can enjoy their beloved YouTube music everywhere, anytime and on any device.


The Pro Version Features More Robust Functions


DVDFab YouTube to MP3 has two versions. The basic version, which is a free YouTube MP3 converter to everyone, allows users to download and convert single videos one by one. The Pro version offers more robust features, allowing users to download an entire playlist at one go, process 5 tasks simultaneously be enabling the Multi-Thread Download feature, boost the download and conversion speed significantly by activating the VIP Speed feature and download the metadata information to apply to the converted MP3 files. All these Pro features are meant for those heavy users who may need to use the software at a regular basis.


Availability and Pricing


The YouTube to MP3 converter software is downloadable anytime at DVDFab’s official website. As for the prices of the Pro version, users have three options to choose. The 1-year, 2-year and lifetime subscription sells at $24.9, $29 and $39, respectively, which roughly converts to 21.9€, 25.5€and 34.3€respectively.  

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